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The cities of Porto, Nantes and Sofia are acting as ‘front  runners’ based on their innovative use of public space through nature-based solutions (NBS).

The cities of Siena, Nova Gorica, Brussels and Høje-Taastrup are sharing their knowledge and replicating URBiNAT concepts and methodologies, acting as ‘followers’.


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Nature-Based Solutions that citizens of each URBiNAT city can co-create according to their specific needs, ambitions and realities on the ground, building together their healthy corridor, organised in four typologies:

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April 19, 2021

[Høje-Taastrup] URBiNAT Follower City competing for title of Denmark’s “wildest municipality”

In March this year a competition was launched in Denmark challenging municipalities to compete for the title of "wildest municipality". The winning municipality will be assessed on the following criteria: new biodiversity ideas, engagement, the size of the areas converted for biodiversity and spreading of knowledge and skills related to creating wild nature to citizens. In addition, municipalities are free to focus on completely different activities to improve biodiversity in the municipalities. Out of 98 municipalities 89 have enrolled and the competition will run from now and until autumn 2022. Surprise, surprise, Høje Taastrup is of course part of the competition and Nabil Zacharias Ben Chaabane Nabil and his team are part of the endeavors. Obviously, the URBiNAT project in Høje Taastrup will help in this matter, since one of the aims is with citizens to improve biodiversity in the Gadehavegaard area. The big prize is 1 mill. Danish kroner to be invested by the winning municipality in additional biodiversity. Similar to the successful strategy in Hjørring, the competition highlights the importance of engaging citizens and other stakeholders to achieve a maximum of biodiversity. Now the big question: Have you got a great idea that Høje Taastrup could use to help them win this competition? If you have, Nabil and I would love to hear from you. Tom Mackenzie Tom , you are welcome to use this story on our website also, if you find it worth while.

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